Aquatic Sports Motor


Aquatic Sports Motor Solution


Nowadays, the trend of water sports is becoming increasingly hot. To pursue different experiences from ordinary surfing and diving, electric surfing and diving devices are gradually popular.
The brushless motor developed by CHIKEE has been applied to it and has become the designated motor supplier of the domestic water sports technology brand, WAYDOO Technology. The Subnado, mini-diving propeller created by WAYDOO, is described by the Financial Times as a cool and portable underwater propeller in the world. With its extremely compact size, it also maintains a strong power and velocity, which is superior to most of the similar products.
And the electric surfing-board, Fly One Plus, with its high efficiency power system and good energy-saving performance, can cross the Qiongzhou Strait with a width of about 30 kilometers by consuming 2 kilowatt-hours of electricity. As its outstanding cost-efficiency, it becomes a better choice rather than other products.

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