Agriculture And Husbandry Ventilation


Agriculture and Husbandry Ventilation


The application of good ventilation equipment in cattle farms, such as maintaining the temperature and humidity of the air in the cowshed, the dryness of the cow bed, and the timely removal of excess odor, plays an important role in reducing the bacterial breeding rate, the disease rate, and providing milk production. 

Through the efforts of the past years, we have become the designated motor supplier of VES, an American cattle farm ventilation equipment manufacturer. In a case of cattle farm in Qatar, the outdoor temperature is as high as more than 40℃ for a long time, while the indoor temperature of the cattle farm needs to be kept between 24℃ and 26℃, which leads to a large amount of indoor spraying for 24 hours. According to the needs of the application, the motor we developed has solved this problem outstandingly, achieving waterproof and stable operation for a long time.

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